Mural in Pristina

Rritu/ Grandir was made with "6 hands": two Belgian-French artists of the women's collective group WALLSTREETCOLORS in collaboration with Kosovar street artist Tak

In collaboration with Q’art -Qendra per Zhvillimin e Artit & Bone Venin Tond

Two Belgian-French artists of the women’s collective group WALLSTREETCOLORS painted a wall with “6 hands” in Pristina in collaboration with Kosovar street artist Tak
The image they painted talks about freedom, and the necessity for women to claim this freedom, and empower themselves, through intergenerational support and sorority.

They depict two ladies, two generations, and pay tribute to two feminine creative and powerful figures.
A young woman is busy writing the title of Musine Kokalari’s first book. She is said to be the first Albanian-speaking woman writer, as well as a major political figure of the 20th century. Next to this young girl, a grandmotherly figure is seen writing a quote from the young Kosovar film maker Blerta Basholli.
The background and lettering will be created by local artist Tak in a joyful meeting of styles.


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