Mural #7 in Brussels by visual artist No More Lies

Balkan Trafik mural #7 made in collaboration with Commune of Saint-Josse-Ten-Noode

The artwork

The Balkan geography, where the people living in have a common past that knitted by religious, linguistic, racial and cultural diversity, is a spring meadow filled with flowers. This precious diversity could be best described with endemic, unique colorful flowers blossoming from a single body. That’s why No More Lies collect the endemic flower of each specific country and placed them just next to a yellow Lilium, symbol of Brusselss in his artwork entitled Flora balcanica.

The artist

No More Lies (b.1969, Ankara) Having begun his artistic career by drawing cartoons, the artist has produced street art since 2010. In his street works that include both stencils reflecting personal clashes and stamps and murals that began as travel journals but also contain social messages, he uses animal images as his main figures. In his self-portraits, he seeks to express the fragility and loneliness of humanity especially via images of animals facing extinction. No More Lies has increasingly focused on subjects such as the environment and the climate in recent years, and conveys in his works the close relationship he has established with bees and animals in his personal life.

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