Mural #6 in Brussels by visual artist Fitore Alísdóttir Berisha

Balkan Trafik mural #6 made in collaboration with the Ville de Bruxelles as part of its PARCOURS Street Art!

The artwork

Haunted tries to depict the effects and consequences of femicide, the pain and sorrow it causes, and how the wrongdoings of the past still haunt us, without letting go.
It also shows a need to detach from it and move forward to a better and more compassionate future.

The artist

Fitore Alísdóttir Berisha is a Kosovar activist artist, feminist, who fights against the patriarchal society of Kosovo. She has a very recognizable style, colorful, and tinged with her activism.
Fitore also believes in the healing power of art and uses it as therapy. As she says: “The sweetest revolution comes from art, from that bitterness that accumulates inside you”.

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