Manu Chao @Balkan Trafik 2024

World citizen Manu Chao packs his bags at Balkan Trafik for a perfect fusion. The very essence of Balkan Trafik’s values crystallizes on this beautiful evening of Thursday 25 April.

This icon will set the festival stage ablaze with his cosmopolitan energy. Like Balkan Trafik, Manu Chao celebrates multiculturalism, forging links between cultures through his music and his social commitment. His songs have become anthems, carrying a message of solidarity and fraternity that we all need to hear.

Balkan Trafik is pulling out all the stops to bring you the best of the world’s rhythms during these 3 days of celebration, with a journey through the Balkans and their minorities, the Ukraine, the South… The rhythms of the world beat in the heart of Brussels on April 25, 26 and 27, 2024.