Loterie Nationale

Balkan Trafik would like to thank the National Lottery players for their invaluable help in Brussels.

Balkan Trafik, the beloved festival that delights Brussels every year with its colorful celebration of the music and culture of the Balkan region, is known for its commitment to inclusion and solidarity. This year, however, we were fortunate to experience a special partnership that took this mission to the next level: our collaboration with the Loterie Nationale.

Thanks to the support of the National Lottery, we have been able to strengthen our vision of inclusion and solidarity, making Balkan Trafik an even more welcoming and unifying space for people from all walks of life. Their involvement has enabled us to reach a wider audience, involve more communities and offer a wider range of activities and programs reflecting the cultural diversity of Brussels.

In addition, we would like to recognize the National Lottery for their commitment to society by reinvesting all their profits in projects that promote the well-being of society. It is admirable that every year they invest 354 million euros in cultural, sporting, social and scientific projects, having a lasting impact on the lives of people throughout Belgium.

On behalf of the entire Balkan Trafik team, we would like to thank the National Lottery for their invaluable support and partnership. Together, we have had a positive impact on the Brussels community and contributed to a more inclusive and supportive society.