Debate #6: Youth Activism - Balkan Trafik

Debate #6: Youth Activism

#EU4Balkans in collaboration with DG NEAR-Young European Ambassadors

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The Young European Ambassadors (YEA) platform is a creative network of future young game changers from across the Western Balkans. Although YEAs come from different backgrounds, all of them share an interest in learning about the EU’s values and opportunities. They are also eager to advocate for different topics such as intercultural learning, joint regional youth initiatives, local community initiatives, arts and culture, sport, digital technologies, environmental protection, human rights protection. Most importantly, YEAs are open to sharing ideas and developing their talents – towards inspiring change within their communities, the Western Balkans region, and across the EU. Youth activism lies in the heart of YEA. Inspiring others and spreading the message of activism are the core values of YEAs. This is why our panel will be dedicated to activism in the online world, the only world we have had in the times of the global pandemic. Some of the crucial questions we will address are: Is there activism under COVID measures? How can we use online tools to send our message? Does creativity stop with the pandemic? What can young people do in the online world to bring about positive change? Can social media and ZOOM become our unique creativity centers for those who think alike? Many more interesting questions will come up. Make sure you join us!


Moderator: Milica Crkvenjakov

Guest speakers:

  • Maciej Popowski
  • Selena Tasic
  • Amina Kaja
  • Armin Poljak
  • Ali Mahmutcehajic
  • Arron Pirku