Debate #4: Inclusion - Balkan Trafik

Debate #4: Inclusion

#EU4Balkans in collaboration with DG REGIO-Interreg

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Inclusion is a wide issue that touches all the spheres of our lives: gender equality, minorities… and nowadays embracing diversity and enhancing inclusion is more important than ever. Meanwhile, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted and therefore transformed the means to handle this issue in our societies. During this debate we will discuss the importance of inclusion especially in Western Balkan countries. We will show Interreg-IPA project examples and highlight how they help to enhance inclusion in the region. There will be space to get to know Young European Ambassadors’, Young Politicians’ and key opinion leaders’ work on ‘Inclusion’. Finally, the arts, as a vector of social cohesion, are fighting to survive today – but what can we do to strengthen their resilience?


Moderator: Olaf Bruns

Guest speakers:

  • Mila Carovska
  • Daniela Kortoci
  • Slawomir Tokarski
  • Dragan Ristić
  • Jelena Plavetić
  • Corina Raceanu