Ensemble Világfa


Since 2002, two groups who have been dancing for several decades in Brussels, decided to collaborate and share their joint passion for Hungarian and Transylvanian dances. The Világfa Ensemble was born from this common desire.

On the occasion of the Giant Horo on the Grand Place in Brussels, the Világfa Ensemble will present dances from Hungary and Transylvania.

  • Hajdúság, a small cultural region in eastern Hungary (by Kinga and Gergely)
  • Nyárádmagyarós, a whirling dance of the Sicules, an ethnic group of Hungarians living in Transylvania (by Véronique and François )
  • Kalotaszeg, dance of the Magyars near the city of Cluj, a region of Transylvania whose rich traditions and costumes are legendary (by Bori and Ferenc)
  • Lőrincréve, Hungarian dance from the village near Alba Iulia in Transylvania. The virtuosity of the men in the Pontozó is the pride and admiration of the Hungarians

Finally, five couples from the Világfa Ensemble will perform a suite from the village of Magyarpalatka in the Transylvanian Champagne region (Mezöség).


To entertain the crowd, the group will present dances of the Hungarian Csángó minorities from Romanian Moldavia.