All the Balkans in one FREE app!

How to get the app?

The app is free, suitable for mobile phones and tablets and available on the App Store & Google Play:


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Why the app?

Our desire to show you the richness of the Balkans combined with the fast-growing digitalization inspired us to go further than just feeding a website. We want to offer a unique mobile app with international reach to immerse yourself in the European South East region, also named “the Balkans”.

The goal of the Balkan Trafik app is to become the crossroad of communication between Western Balkans and Europe allowing maximum interconnectivity and international broadcast of our artists during the festival as well as throughout the year. There will be daily content all over the year but also live report from the region.

What does it have to offer?

Get access to exclusive content such as:

  • relive 2021 concerts in livestreaming,
  • backstage moments: greeting message, interviews with the artists,
  • live digital debates around society-related topics such as social, inclusion, activism, environment, etc
  • the first episode of the Balkan What! documentary series and its trailers produced by Balkan Trafik,
  • exhibitions with artists presenting their work in videos and pictures,
  • newsfeed of specialized media and Balkan Trafik partners such as Euronews Balkans, Osservatorio balcanico, le Courrier des Balkans and more,
  • fun facts and videos to discover the Balkans,
  • daily content all over the year,
  • live encounters with cultural stakeholders and people who want to promote their cities in the Region,
  • and much more!