21 > 25 April 2021

Digital Debates

Balkan Trafik! Festival and the European Commission- DG REGIO established a partnership aimed at linking projects within the interreg cooperation (cooperation policy across Europe and beyond) with culture and art. This will add value to cooperation in general and allow a better understanding and knowledge of a region like the Balkans.

Despite the 3.000 distance kilometers that separate Balkan countries from Brussels, European Commission’s activities, via DG REGIO, foster cooperation in the Balkans. Many projects and activities have been implemented, improving connectivity, environmental quality, innovation networks and much more across borders.

Using the most advanced technologies, Palace will become a virtual square connecting Brussels with the Balkans and allowing people to discuss without borders and exchange opinions about critical issues that connect Brussels with the Balkans. In this context, some of our partners from the Balkans will present their experience and the added value of Interreg cooperation in the region.

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Balkan Trafik 360°

Giant Horo

Horo is a traditional dance accompanied by music that is common across Balkan and Middle Eastern countries. The spontaneity of its movements is designed to celebrate the joy of being together, united through dance. Troupes from different Balkan countries and southeastern European diaspora communities will come together for a huge party to celebrate the Brussels’ diversity at the Grand Place.


Urban Graph

The BALKAN TRAFIK Festival invites graffiti artists to express themselves on Brussels walls.

The new street generation from the Balkans is currently experiencing a social, cultural and aesthetic boom, giving birth to many new identities and collective representations.

Urban Chapter

The new urban generation of the Balkans is an intellectual, social, cultural and aesthetic melting pot, giving birth to myriad identities and collective representations. The Urban Chapter brings together some twenty urban artists from the Balkans and Belgium, with varied styles and experiences, for a unique creation that is the culmination of an artistic residency.

The Urban Chapter, mixing rhythms, lyrics, slam, beatbox and rap, will unveil the boundless talents of these representatives of a generation in flux.