A festival sustainable and respectful of the environment

The climate crisis is the greatest challenge of our time. In most cases, the production and distribution of art and culture has an impact on the climate.
There are no miracle solutions… moving thousands of people has an impact, there are no “ready-made” solutions.

Each festival must find its own solutions to its own environmental and sustainability issues.

Tree planting projects in Belgium

Balkan Trafik supports tree planting projects in Belgium via


Tree planting is one of the main mechanisms to compensate for our national and international transportation of the festival.


Each year we strive to go further in our actions for the climate and the environment:

  • Mutualization of events/groups
    If we bring a group from the Balkan region, we propose to cultural actors in Belgium and neighboring countries to book them as well to maximize the group’s travel.
    Example: 4 confirmed bands this year are integrated in other festivals the same weekend.


  • Favoring local contacts to distant groups
    We have decided not to invite any more bands from the Balkans to give only one 45′ concert on our small stages. We invest in our networks from 17 years of connection with the diasporas and invite the best bands of the style present in Belgium and the neighboring countries.


  • Location of the festival in the center of Brussels
    The festival is fortunate to be located at the intersection of various means of public transport: metro, train, tramway, and bus. We communicate intensively about these means of transport and encourage our audience to use them. Furthermore, the artists are accommodated in hotels within walking distance of the Place De Brouckère to limit our shuttle journeys.


  • A small step towards ecology at the festival
    Reusable cups, waste sorting, recyclable or biodegradable dishes for the food trucks, collaboration with local breweries (beers and soft drinks), alternatives to electric generators, etc.


  • Festival posters
    We limit printed advertising: no more distribution of flyers, fewer billboards. Our printing is made on FSC recycled paper and vegetable ink.