Project collaborations

Balkan Trafik is taking part in several projects:


The Balkan Trafik Festival and the European Commission – DG REGIO have established a partnership, initiating the meeting of Interreg cooperation projects (cooperation policies in Europe and beyond) with arts and culture. The aim of this initiative is to increase public awareness and knowledge of the Balkan region.

Despite the 3000 km separating Brussels from the Balkans, the activities of the European Commission, through DG REGIO, reinforce cooperation in the region. Many projects have already been carried out to improve connectivity, environmental quality, innovative networks, and so on.

ROJAZE - Roma Jazzing Europe

1001 valises and Balkan Trafik Festival is part of the ROJAZE project in collaboration with l’Air de Balkans (FR) and Nisville Foundation (Serbia). This 24-month-project is funded by the Creative Europe program.

The objective of the project is to facilitate creativity and open artistic exchange of young Roma jazz musicians by connecting them with music youth of different cultural, social, economic and geographic origins, as to develop different levels of intercultural dialogue, cross-cultural cooperation and cross-border movement, connecting France, Belgium and Serbia.