The festival

Trafik of what?

Our multi-artistic festival is defined as a platform for cultural diplomacy. Balkan Trafik is the meeting between creatives from South-Eastern European countries and from Brussels as multicultural European capital.

Let’s have a look towards the artistic innovation that emanates from artists from Tirana, Skopje, Bucharest & Timisoara, Belgrade, Pristina, Sofia, Sarajevo, Zagreb, Podgorica, Athens or even Istanbul. Discover that creative energy which is still untapped. For us.

The word “Trafik” in the name of the festival can make think more than one person. Indeed, we wanted to create questions about this name, which some believe is surprising given that these countries are stigmatized by human trafficking, arms trafficking, etc. What a pleasure to overturn preconceptions, to provoke reflection, if only by citing the name of the festival!

The work of 1001 valises; through its flagship festival “Balkan Trafik” is indeed a traffic, a traffic in cultures and experiences offering keys for integration, communication, sharing and openness to others.

The Balkans are UNESCO heritage, they are jewels like the Albanian iso-polyphony, emotion with the rhapsodes of Kosovo, the beauty of the Bulgarian songs, the legendary blues of the Balkans, the Rembetiko of Pyrée and the sevdah of Sarajevo. But now today, the artists of the countries of South-Eastern Europe, they are also the jazz masters like Vasil Hadzimanov, it is the offbeat hip hop of Stereo Banana, Nele Karajlić’s rock voice with unique timbre, NAKED’s groove, Shqipe Kamberi’s contemporary works, BOZKO’s graffiti or even this Oscar-winning documentary “Honeyland” …