Discover Kosovo

First episode of the documentary series « Balkan What! »

In the documentary series « Balkan What! », Nicolas Wieërs opens the doors of an extraordinary yet little-known region. His goal? To show you the outstanding energy of the youth hiding behind decrepit walls. Often wrongly associated with wars and traffic, this region witnessed over the last 15 years the emergence of a talented new generation that definitely deserves more consideration from our old Europe. Through his encounters with artists, activists and champions of all kinds, Nicolas will make you love the Balkans as much as he does !

Don’t miss out our first episode in Kosovo! A country that Nicolas discovered thanks to the students at the Prishtina University in 2003 and that made him create Balkan Trafik Festival. From the famous rapper Bimbimma to the Yugoslavian actor Enver Petrovci, or the judo world champion Majlinda Kelmendi and many more, this episode will show you Kosovo like you have never seen it before!

Duration: 27 minutes




Balkan Trafik founder, Nicolas Wiëers, met boxers at KLUBI I BOXIT PRISHTINA.


The rapper BimBimma has been nicknamed “the voice of the people in Kosovo”. Watch what he has to say.



While a lot of young Kosovars are dreaming to move abroad, the judo Olympic champion Majlinda Kelmendi decided to never leave Kosovo. Discover why.

Traditional makeup

“Everyone liked this tradition. However, it is dying out.” We met, Aziza Sefitagic, one of the last bridal makeup artists from the Balkans.