Viorica și Ioniță de la Clejani


Viorica & Ioniță with their Taraf (traditional band) are a national brand, beloved by young and old, in a country with a population larger than 20 million. Brilliant representatives of Romanian traditional music, successors of a more than 400-year-old tradition, a symbol of Romania and a country brand Romanians are proud of.

They are from Clejani, since it is known, the village of famous fiddlers, invited to weddings, baptisms and funerals. A place where freedom, talent and joy live together.

Unique show through the structure and diversity of the program, from playing horsehair thread and Romanian dulcimer to unusual combinations with rock or hip-hop, their concert goes back in time and travels into future. Their concerts are token of quality, rising to the level of most famous international shows, that arouses the interest of the general public, not only of connoisseurs or genre lovers.

Viorica & Ioniță’s music is the place where optimism and sadness, melancholy and joyfulness intertwine with extraordinary force.
Together with their band, Viorica & Ioniță of Clejani are telling a story from centuries. An endless story.