The Rocking Beez feat. Amparo Sánchez & Nele Karajlić - Balkan Trafik

The Rocking Beez feat. Amparo Sánchez & Nele Karajlić

A journey that moves between Belgrade, Brussels and Barcelona …

This Rocking Beez concert will be your ticket for a beautiful ride through an exciting musical landscape: from traditional songs from the Balkans to Gipsy musical traditions restyled in a rolling two-step rocket, or songs mixing underground Yugo or Spanish rock with sevda, rumba, reggae or punk rock.

For the presentation of this special Balkan Trafik Festival creation, the musicians of the Rocking Beez (Rocking from Belgium to South East Europe) will be accompanied by the legendary Serbian-Bosnian artist Nele Karajlić and the award-winning Spanish “mestizo singer” Amparo Sánchez.

Amparo Sánchez

Amparo Sánchez is the singer of Amparanoia, still one of the most important groups of the Spanish alternative Latin American music scene, they have won the BBC World Music Award in the past.

Nele Karajlić

Together with Emir Kusturica, Nele Karajlić who is one of the founders and singers of the No Smoking Orchestra, is certainly one of the living legends of the great “Yugoslavian rock scene” of ex-Yugoslavia.