Stereo Banana - Balkan Trafik

Stereo Banana

The Intergalactic explosive duo Stereo Banana are made up of two guys who call themselves Naopak (Marko Anđelković, MC) and Nemus (Nemanja Nedeljković, music).
The band is founded in 2010 in a Serbian southern city of Niš, a place that has long been out of sight of Serbian and regional media. The music on their two released albums, “Sowing Samba” and “Heavenly Lightning”, is a mixture of genres: trough hip-hop, breakbeat from reggae and jazz to funk.
The witty rhymes spoken in local dialectal jargon are expressing mostly everyday’s ordinary unusual situations in life. They built a strong concert reputation fueled with almost punk energy, which earned them a title of “Balkans Chemical Brothers”.