Shantel & Bucovina Club Soundsystem

SAT 27.04

Shantel and Bucovina Club Soundsystem will bring the full energy of club-culture & dance party’s live on stage!

With his international mega hit Disko Partizani, Shantel became the audible face of a new music and dance culture worldwide. He was the first to give current pop culture a cosmopolitan sound because of his multi-layered family roots. With a rich family heritage spanning multiple regions, Shantel’s music embodies the fusion of migration and dance. He sees his art as a dynamic dialogue between theory and practice, blending tradition with modernity, and analog with digital.

From his early days at Lissania Essay in Frankfurt to his global projects, Shantel’s music transcends geographical and cultural boundaries. His albums like “Disko Partizani” and “Istanbul” critique Eurocentric pop culture, challenging simplified genre classifications.
Shantel’s work is a declaration against societal norms, aiming to break down barriers and celebrate the diverse musical landscape of our globalized world.

Partiziani Super Sonic Live Tour 2024

Shantel will present his new album and a new formula in his Partiziani Super Sonic Live Tour 2024, with a sound system show featuring a denser, more electro sound.
Accompanied by his musicians, who will be mixing different instruments (guitars, synthesizers, brass, bouzouki, drums…), Shantel will show us just how universal his music is, blending Eastern European and Balkan folklore with a Western dance beat akin to disco.