Pasatempo Rebétiko


BRUSSELS De Brouckère • 28-29.04.2023



Pasatempo Rebétiko is a music group, created in Brussels in January 2015.
It is composed of 4 Greek musicians, Chrysa, Michel, Thémis and Chrisostomos. All three are united by their common passion, rebetiko.

Rebetiko is a popular form of musical and cultural expression in Greece of the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s and is often referred to as the Greek blues.
The themes of the songs are linked to social themes, the world of the underworld (drug use, prison), uprooting, anti-police and anti-bourgeois themes, political satires and of course love.

PasaTempo Rebetiko perpetuates this style in festivals, concert halls and in restaurants with friends in the purest tradition of this underground music.
All occasions are good to pick up the bouzouki, the baglama, the guitar and transport yourself with the particular melodies of Rebetiko.


  • Chrysa Karageorgiou: vocals
  • Christophe Sarantidis: guitar and vocals
  • Michel Karakatsanis: bouzouki and vocals
  • Chris Papagiannis: baglama and vocals