NAMUR/Delta• 27.04.2023

Greece, London, Brazil, Belgium… are some of the places where Ntoumos has put down his suitcases, and passionate, curious and electric notes, with the tones of a trumpet, a voice and a mixture of styles, between jazz, hip-hop, funk, electro, Drum&Bass… for a music with the colors of the world.

From prizes at the Brussels Conservatory to stages and recordings with international artists, or from sharing a prize at the BBC Awards to a prize of his own for the album of the year 2021 at the “Octaves de la Musique”, he composes a modern musical life that appeals to the curious public, as well as to the informed public. Here is Ntoumos, here is a vibrant musical world.

After an artistic residency at the Delta, Ntoumos will present us his new project!