THU 25.04

Born of a romance between Belgium and Greece, he crossed paths with melodies at an early age, using the trumpet as his means of expression.

After winning 1st prize at the conservatory in classical and then jazz, his experiences in different musical cultures led him to find his own universe, blending popular Greek music with Eastern European, Balkan, hip-hop, funk, electro, drum & bass and jazz.

His acclaimed style has taken him to Brazil and London, where he plays and records alongside international artists on the most prestigious stages, developing sounds that reflect a “modern” world in search of an identity. A music that faces up to the challenges and reflections facing us all.

A few years later, he composed his own masterpiece, moving from the applause of the stage to the smiles of a child. He settled in Belgium, while continuing to perform, explore and develop techniques that clarify an artistic direction: that of universal values.

This time, it’s with his trumpet and his voice, addressing children and adults alike, that he sounds out understanding, tolerance, family, feelings and inspiration for change, breaking down cultural barriers.
Introducing Ntoumos, a vibrant musical universe…