Mec Yek - Balkan Trafik

Mec Yek

Sometime midway through the 1990s, Piet Maris (frontman Jaune Toujours) began to make contact with gypsy musicians and, through their guidance and contacts, to travel regularly to a Roma community in Slovakia. Afterwards, the repertoire he learned there was thoroughly reinterpreted with the musicians of Jaune Toujours, who, in their usual fashion, began pushing the music beyond the boundaries of tradition by adding their own musical flavours to the sound.  At first, the more traditionally-minded gypsies in the band’s audience frowned in astonishment at these changes but the sound began to catch on with the younger Roma. The latter’s stamp of approval was, ultimately, given authority when two young Roma singers – Katia and Milka Pohlodkova – joined the band on stage and never left… Mec Yek’s music ranges from pure a capella, through minimalist instrumentation, to elaborate horn sections. But against all expectations: Mec Yek is a gypsy band without a single violin.