Josif Shukallari with Sazet e Permetit & grupi i Pilurit


BRUSSELS De Brouckère • 28-29-30.04.2023

The master of clarinet Josif Shukallari will be accompanied by SAZET e PERMETIT & grupi i PILURIT singing polyphonic acapella songs.

Sazet is a musical formation that consists of a maximum of 10 people, of which 7 are musicians and 3 are singers. This formation also interprets music and sings together with the singers. The main instrument of this formation is the clarinet or the gernet and other instruments like violin, accordion or buzuku.

This type of iso-polyphonic music is performed in the cities of South Albania, they have a centuries-old history and are included in UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage list.


Manager : Niko MIHALI

Recently, Josif, together with the singer Adriana Thanasi, who will also be at the Balkan Trafik Festival, released a CD with the songs of Hafize Leskovik.

Josif Shukallari & Adriana

Josif Shukallari’s clarinet stands out for its elegance, the sweetness it conveys to the public and his professionalism, placing him among the best contemporary clarinetists in Albania, who comes closer than anyone to the great master Laver Bariu. Now he has a rich repertoire of songs from the southern regions of Albania and dozens of songs recorded on national radio and television as well as in other countries.

Adriana is a caliber singer, with a very interesting vocal, with high intonations and caresses the popular song. She has been on stage for over 3o years, performed and was declared laureate of the Gjirokastre National Folk Festival 1983, and today with this music she has given dozens of concerts in European metropolises such as London BBC, in Sweden, Norway, Poland, Germany, Portugal, France, Kosovo, Ljubljana, Athens, etc., etc

Polyphonic group"Bejka e Bardhë" Pilur Himare

It is a polyphonic group with special individuality that sings the polyphonic song of Himarra and the coast of the Ionian Sea, it was founded in 1966 but was very well known at the Gjirokastra Festival in 1973 with the song “Bejka e Bardhë”, a lyrical song with pastoral motifs , this group was created by the poet and folklorist Lefter Cipa.