BRUSSELS De Brouckère • 28.04.2023

Through socially and psychologically themed lyrics, Iskaz has been voicing their opinions and attitudes over 4 studio albums: “Natio” (2006), “Theory of Chaos” (2008), “Eros” (2011) and “Tanathos” (2014). All of these albums form a theme based a whole “Critical Mass” (Kritična Masa).
Their music forms a symbiotic union with the lyrics and comes across as energetic and direct, yet feelgood and bursting with emotion. It’s a fusion of core hip hop, funk, hard rock and similar directions. As such the music best amplifies the lyrics laden with rebellion, wake up calls, attitudes of a single human being as well as existential questions.

They love making a heated and raw atmosphere in concerts which is the best demonstration of their work!