Gjovalin Quintet


BRUSSELS De Brouckère • 29.04.2023

Gjovalin Quintet, composed of 5 virtuosos, has the pleasure to interpret the music of Albania in a traditional way thanks to the compositions and arrangements of Gjovalin Nonaj, accordionist and singer of Albanian origin. Since his birth, traditional music is in his blood.

The pieces of music presented have their origins in the North as in the South of Albania. This music is characterized by the richness of its melodic variations.  Energy, nostalgia, melody and a sense of rhythm contribute to form a complex sound. Many melodies are written in different and irregular rhythms: 5/8, 7/8, 9/8, 12/8…
Let’s not forget that the music is festive, often danced at weddings, concerts, festivals … They participate in the life of the people and many family celebrations.

Gjovalin Quintet is a Belgian/Albanian group. Its objective is to share music – a universal language – and to create openness and friendship between people.
An instrumental melody on the çifteli will be performed by Gjovalin in honor of his uncle, Gjok Nonaj, a great rhapsode and master of the Lahuta, an instrument from Northern Albania. He opened at the age of 100 years, the concert “Tirana Brussels” during the festival Balkans Trafik in 2008.
A special tribute will be paid to Agim Krajka, a great composer and accordionist from Albania.


  • Gjovalin NONAJ, Accordéon et chant
  • Wim THIJS, Sax soprano
  • Jan VANDEMOORTELE, Sax alto
  • Didier HEGGERICK, Bass tuba
  • Carlo WILLEMS, Batteries
  • Josif SHUKALLARI (guest)