The last Original Balkan All Stars


The kings of weddings and funerals’ Musicians and Singers in a unique creation!

They all come together in a unique creation for Balkan Trafik: “The last Original Balkan All Stars”. 35 living gods on stage: a unique opportunity in Europe to see, hear and party to the rhythms that created the “Balkan” imagination.

The artistic director of the show is Seven Kadrievi, one of the best brass player from North Macedonia. Thanks to his personal network, we challenged him to contact all those very special guests. Seven and his father Massar Kadrievi are the founders and leaders of the famous Orkestar Mladi Braka Kadrievi, founded in 1923 in North Macedonia! They are the musicians of the soundtrack of Emir Kusturica’s “Time of the Gypsies”.

On stage, the living legend of gipsy Balkan rhythms, Amza Tairov who is the reference in styles of music such as Chalga, Manele and Tallava, but also saxophonist King Ferus Mustafov and Mladen Malakov considered the best Bulgarian “solo” clarinetist. Not to mention the famous violinist Tcha Limberger, brass bands of North Macedonia and Serbia and many more!


Together they will show us how thrilling Balkan music can be!

Orkestar Mladi Braka Kadrievi

Anyone who has ever seen the movie ‘Time of the Gypsies’ by Emir Kusturica, will remember the soundtrack with the shrill, swinging and driving sounds of a Balkan brass orchestra. Blowing from the depths of their souls for the performance were the Kadrievi’s brass players. In the Kadrievi family musical talent is passed on from father to son. Orkestar Braka Kadrievi was founded in 1923 in Macedonia and is led nowadays by young talented trumpeter Seven Kadrievi, who got many awards at the International Trumpet Festival of Guča. Their style bring the Balkans brass sound to a higher level, they feel most at home with the jumpy rhythms and with the blood, sweat and tear soaked melodies from their homeland, Macedonia. This all in a mix of traditional (gypsy) brass music and a modern sound from the last generation.

Kadrievi know how to bring it on from tear-jerkers to festive dance music to make the public go wild!
When it comes down to party music they have nothing more to learn showing their talent at festivals like Couleur Café (2013), Balkan Trafik (2013, 2011, 2007), International Gipsy Festival Tilburg (2013, 2012, 2011), Khamoro Festival (2010), Sfinks Festival (2007), ManoMundo (2005) & many more!

Awards at the International Trumpet Festival of Guča: 2013: 2nd trumpet for Seven Kadrievi 2012: 3rd orchestra & 3rd trumpet for Seven Kadrievi 2011: 3rd trumpet for Seven Kadrievi 2010: 2nd orchestra

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