“Sicanje” Traditional Bosnian Tattoos

Upon Balkan Trafik’s request, three passionate artists from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Boris Lalić, Mladen Topić and Zoran Stojanović, who love photography and writing unveil an old tradition of Bosnia and Herzegovina through a series of pictures. 

“Sicanje”, “bocanje” or “križićanje” are local words used to describe traditional Bosnian tattooing. 
Supposedly, this was old Slavic tradition which, later on, in the time of the Ottomans empire in Bosnia it acquired catholic symbolic features as a way of protecting the Catholic heritage.  

 The pictures were taken in the municipality of Prozor-Rama, where a large number of traditionally tattooed old women still live. They were all photographed in traditional costumes and with traditional tools from their region.

Get a preview of the exhibition here: https://www.balkantrafik.com/2021/04/07/traditional-bosnian-tattoos

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