21 > 25 April 2021

Destination Balkans 3.0: Digital Debates – Gender equality

Gender equality is the second current war people and specially women are fighting for. At a time when women still have to right to obtain as much respect as men and some people pay in a violently way for their sexual orientation, many associations are fighting to re-establish the necessary order for respecting all and bring tolerance. The Balkan countries, for their part, are fighting twice harder to stay alive for both issues. Because unbelievable is still a way of thinking : women have no right and men are powerful over her. People might end up in prison for their choice of private life. This debate will open up the conversation on these issues from here and elsewhere.

Main partner: DG REGIO.
In collaboration with the European Fund for the Balkans, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Courrier des Balkans, Friends of Europe.