21 > 25 April 2021

Destination Balkans 3.0: Digital Debates – Freedom of speech

Journalists have become the target of violent attacks and judicial harassment by political leaders in the Western Balkans. A clear strategy has been pursued to silence the critical press through coordinated measures of censorship, indirect control of the print, radio and television markets, as well as through the delegitimization of the independent journalists. Politicians no longer hesitate to designate the independent media as an outright adversary responsible for the spread of “fake news”. While, the independent press often finds itself fact-checking and countering the misinformation spread by the pro-government media. Freedom of expression and freedom of press are part of the fundamental rights of the European Union, which the Western Balkans countries (WB) aspire to join. How independent journalists are fighting against propaganda and delegitimization of independent journalism in the Western Balkans and how the EU is standing to help developing the much-needed watchdog role in the WB societies?

Main partner: DG REGIO.
In collaboration with the European Fund for the Balkans, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Courrier des Balkans, Friends of Europe.