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the_title() 10/30/2012 - Balkan Trafik! 2012 - Line Up

Zongora are musicians from Brussels, Romania and Bulgaria with a mutual love for Balkan Music.

But Zongora love to experiment with new styles and influences so their musical horizons are as wide as their origins and the journeys they have made : from Brussels, via Cluj to Zagreb, Sofia, Istanbul… It takes us from the heart of the Balkans to the Mediterranean, with a mixture of intimate melodies and lively dance music. The repertoire is both ‘gadjo’ and ‘Roma’, east and west, lyrical and rhythmical – drawing on many folk traditions, but with elements close to jazz. Zongora has built up a strong reputation in Brussels as a live act, on the basis of their energetic marathon concerts. The debut CD from this highly popular Balkan sextet is sure to boost their reputation even further. Nicolas Hauzeur (violin) and Benjamin Clement (guitar) are the driving forces of the group, with Mladen Mladenov (clarinet), Relu Merisan (cymbalom), Dimos Vougioukas(accordeon), Vilmos Csikos (double bass) and Niki Alexandrov (percussions).
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Friday 13th April 2012: 19.30 in Horta Hall // 01.15 in the Vino Zirkus  

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