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the_title() 11/22/2012 - Artists

A wonderful orchestration of poetic sounds and Romanian traditional music.

The quartet started in 2009 after a session during the mythical “Hache” in Strasbourg. They were drawn to a collection of Romanian music by its originality and its fresh spirit. During two trips through Romania, they discovered precious melodies that would influence their repertoire fiercely. Captions of  their encounters, depending on the cities they were travelling to, melodies, but also the atmosphere, discussions, parties and even cellphone ringtones inspired them during their journey.

They discovered the diversity of Romanian sounds they would never expect to be so vivid and abundant. Immediately after their return they started working on their music. By mixing traditional music with a touch of Jazz and experimental sounds, they rapidly created their own musical language, particular to Zakouska.

In brief, an emancipation of a dazzling tradition, along with violin, bratsch, accordion and guitar.

Elodie Messmer : Violin and bratsch Aline Haelberg : Violin Fabien Bucher : Guitar Arthur Bacon : Accordion

Concert : Friday November 30th at 5.30 PM



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