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Two round tables

Bulgaria: Live It or Leave It? (21.04.2018 – 2pm)

> BOZAR has commissioned an installation from Bulgarian artist Nedko Solakov, as part of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. For his work, which is displayed in the Horta Hall, the artist put the following question to six creative personalities from Bulgaria: “Why do you live in Bulgaria (or go back there from time to time)?” Behind this apparently simple question lies a series of deeper questions about Bulgarian society, including problems such as corruption, poverty or economic migration. The round table participants will debate these various issues.


Speakers: performer Ivo Dimchev, singer Ruth Koleva, director Javor Gardev and curator Iara Boubnova.


Moderator: Anna Krasteva, professor at the New Bulgarian University.

Urban Balkan Reality and EU Dreams (21.04.2018 – 4pm)

> The reality of the Balkans is a patchwork of different centres of influence and visions of the past and the future. What is the centre and where is the periphery, as seen from different perspectives? What vision of Europe can urban artists in the Balkans have? What does the European Union offer southeastern Europe through its Creative Europe programme? The discussions will start after performances from three urban artists who will act as representatives for their cities.


Participants: Frenkie (B-H), Marčelo (SE) and Bimbimma (ALB), as well as experts from the Balkans and MEPs.


Moderator: Rozita Dimova from the University of Ghent.


« I See Red People » - Bojina Panayotova

20.04.2018 – 20:00 – Salle Studio (BG/FR, 2018, 84', OV, EN OT)

> Bojina was just 8 when she and her father fled Bulgaria for Paris. 20 years on, she returns to Sofia and discovers her parents’ incredible past...

« Face Down » - Kamen Kalev

21.04.2018 – 20:00 – Salle Studio (BG/FR/BE, 2015, 110', OV, OT)

> Samy infiltrates a Bulgarian human trafficking network for the French police only to see his life turned upside down when he meets Elka, an underage prostitute.

Animations, happenings, workshops & Vino Zirkus

Apart from our concerts and films, there will be a series of events and ongoing activities over the weekend of 21st-22nd of April, plunging you deep into the unbelievable cultural diversity and global experience that make this festival stand out. Vino Zirkus – a now cult space that hosts jam sessions between musicians, meetings and dances – brings together artists and members of the public in an informal setting. At the same time, the life and soul of the Balkans will be pulsing through the corridors and rooms around the Grande Salle Henry le Bœuf, with dance, music, singing, exhibitions and even food!

Meanwhile, the Salle Terarken offers workshops where you can learn how to make Bulgarian spring bracelets and try Romanian glass painting. It will also host poetry and slam events from the Urban Chapter, and even a one-man show on the region’s heritage.

The best quality performers, a huge variety of repertoires, an unbelievably warm and welcoming atmosphere, interaction between musicians and the audience; you just can’t go wrong. Welcome to Balkan Trafik!

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mariuca painting

Glass-painting in Romania

The north western Romanian region of Maramures is dominated by a landscape of mountains and rolling valleys and is home to many villages where century-old traditions are still part of daily life. The inhabitants of this area have preserved, to an amazing extent, the rural culture and crafts of their ancestors.

As it has been for hundreds of years, social life in Maramures continues to revolve around the village wooden church. Through her inter-active workshop, the young artist Rebeca Dan brings us to the century-old art of glass-painted icons. Traditionally, in Maramures icons are painted by peasants. The themes are both religious and secular and they are closely related to rural life. The colours used are of a distinct vivacity and luminosity. Rebeca is a graduate of the Art College of Baia Mare (Maramures) and she will paint 'live' icons on glass during the festival in an environment that reconstructs a traditional Maramures village.


VLERA, the union of Albanian students in Belgium is putting on an Albanian poetry reading with musical accompaniment on the çifteli (traditional Albanian instrument).

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