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Tribes Gathering Festival @ Hotton

the_title() 04/09/2013 - News

Enjoy in the meantime this great psychedelic festival that combines music, street theater, art installations, healing and many more… Gather your tribes this weekend in the wonderful nature of Hotton!

Festival Is Coming Closer And Closer

tribes gathering

Tribes Gathering is an alternative cultural gathering that fuses different non profit associations and NGO‐s from all over EU. Our concept is an open source  of inspiration for each artist that wants to share his experience and knowledge of the cultural values of his country.  In  this way we want to create an epic point of alternative culture from all over the globe.

We have chosen the region of Hotton because of its mystic nature and traditional values that have been preserved by the habitants and Belgium state. Through this concept we want to bring  the aspects of this wonderful region closer to all the generations of people that will visit our festival. Focusing our promotion on the values of Ardennes, we want to show to our visitors that the region where we have been born offer an entire mix of cultural patrons.Our scope is also to grow the rural economical value of the region.

By organizing this festival and bringing  9000 visitors from all over the globe, the buying power of the region will increase during the  festival. Farmers will sell more local products, the independents will increase their business. This will be  an economic evolution that will be created by our gathering.Our festival will have also a touristic and historical purpose. Trough our marketing network we will people outside the borders. By coming to this festival they get the chance to see much more than a  gathering. They also get the chance to experience a big part of the Belgium patrimony called The Ardennes.


Headliners :

Jeff Mills, SP23, Mad Professor, Adrian Sherwood, 1200 Milligrams, Marco Resmann, Ceephax Acid Crew, Space DJs, The Panacea, Hellfish, Crystal Distortion, 69 DB, DJ Guv, DJ Levela, Minimal Lounge, Just Emma, Frank Haag, Rotator..

Stages 12/04:

Warm-up party:

Jeff Mills
Heretik Soundsystem Old School Night
Live: Beunz, Rokette 77, Nout, Noisebuilder
DJ: Jano, Saobend, KRS, Brainhacker

Stage 2: Alternative Stage
Stage 3: Camping Stage

Stages 13/04

SP 23 Night
Adrian Sherwood // Mad Professor // Crystal Distortion // 69db // Badgirlz // Jeff23 // Ixindamix // Meltdown Mickey

Drum Bass// Dubstep
The Panacea // Sinister Souls // Dj Guv // Dj Levela // One87 // X&trick // The Offenders // Drumderground // Sabbata // Red Eyes // Jah Inspiration Sound // Digid //Artroniks

Hardcore// Breakcore
HellFish // Rotator // DJ Skull Vomit // Clotaire // Gore Tech // Terror & Mayhem // Mr Orange // Tinkers

Space DJs // Dany Rodriguez // Tom Hade & Soren Aalberg & Redhead // Xentrix // Tom Dazing // Tokyo Robots // Massimo Mephisto // KSys vs Seesirl // Celtric

Acid // Rave
Ceephax Acid Crew // Acidolido // Stoornis // Spacid // Nocid // Brian KX // Ralph Storm

Minimal // House
Marco Resmann // Minimal Lounge // Just Emma // Frank Haag // Ishtar // Leesa // Michael Thoelen // Don Santos // Don Cabron !crazy closing! // Matt Funkk // Hats ‘n Caps // R’Deem

How Much ?

Reservation :
Full pass 40 euros

Day pass : Friday 20 euros / Saturday 25 euros



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