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The Old Bridge & Cerkez

the_title() 04/02/2012 - Balkan Trafik! 2012 - Line Up

“The Old Bridge” is composed by Miso Petrovic (guitar, chant) and Sandi Durakovic (rhythmic guitar, chant). Especially for Balkan Trafik, The Old Bridge will be accompanied by Cerkez

Three of them were the old members of the legendary band Mostar Sevdah Union. The Old Bridge is composed of two guitarists, playing their instruments passionately and energetically.

They form a bridge between the traditional Balkan music and blues, flamenco, reggae and gypsy music. It’s a bridge between the virtuosity, purity and pure emotions.

Lately, their music filled several concert halls but also it surprised the public with a pure interpretation of the Bosnian music Sevdah.

The Old Bridge’s music conveys feelings of love and commitment, joy and sadness. Miso and Sandi will exceed their musical boundaries for the other countries and cultures.

Nermin Alukic Cerkez: since 2007 lead vocal in reformed Mostar Sevdah Reunion. As a sevdah performer of newer generation, Cerkez presents sevdah music in both traditional and modern way. But in both cases, with his very emotional and unpolished approach he extracts the essensce of that genre and gives it to the audience as a precious gift.
Friday 13th of April 2012: 21.45 & 02.00 Sevdah Kafana Saturday 14th of April : 20.45 & 22.45 & 02.00 Sevdah Kafana


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