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Sweet Bucovina

the_title() 11/27/2012 - Artists

Native of Northeast Romania, from Bucovina, the musicians working on the ‘Sweet Bucovina’ project traveled over 2200 km to bring a true musical treasure to Brussels.

Romanian traditional music, dancing melodies, poetical lyrics, rituals as well as Christmas carols and traditional costumes will without a doubt enchant the audience of Place Sainte Catherine in Brussels, from December 20 until December 23.

As members of several local orchestra’s, they are omnipresent in folk celebrations, marriages  balls and outdoor festivals. These young musicians are Doru Cotos (violin), Nicu Voitineanu (accordion), Grigoras Daniel (trumpet), Chira Petru (flute), Juravle Vasile (cobza) et Ana-Maria Popescu (voice).

The Sweet Bucovina project was established by the Romanian Cultural Institute in Brussels (Institut culturel roumain à Bruxelles) in cooperation with Balkan Trafik! and 1001 valises.

Note for journalists: for additional information and interviews please contact ICR Bruxelles:;

Concerts: Thursday December 20 at 5 PM  –  Friday December 21 at 6 PM  –  Saturday December 22 at 5.30 PM  –  Sunday December 23 at 2.30 PM


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