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La Clinik du Dr Poembak

the_title() 11/15/2012 - Artists

The ‘Poembak’ collective brings together a dozen musicians of diverse origin, amateurs, semi-professionals and professionals, landed in Brussels by chance or by necessity. During the recent years, these merry electrons have been inoculating their passion for music to the five corners of the country.

The patient’s history is eloquent: with an unknown mother, but a famous father (Breughel Cultural Centre), the young Poembak was born in the XXI century from a humoristic union between participants of a brassband workshop in the Marolles, eager to translate their “pouêt, dzouin & poum” in an audacious formula of collective music therapy: the brassband saw the daylight (on the 11 September 2009 at 00.03 for you maniacs of precision) under the unlikely name of “La Clinik du Dr Poembak”.

The new-born soon gets the support of the association Recyclart, which offers (uncovered) accommodation  under the rails of the North-South rails, more precisely at Studio Marcel of Vincent Beeckman. But ultimately, what kind of mess is this Dr. Poembak? Virologists haven’t been able to answer that question yet, but given the macroscope, it is nothing more or less than… you and me!

Indeed, this sympathetic molecule condenses all the grains of fantasy, of zwanze, of burlesque and of festivity that tickle our toes, warm up our ears and light us up in the air as soon as the music starts.

The musical choices of the Clinik are based on the desire to make people happy by making them (re)discover an eclectic repertoire (twenty pieces) of world music, including hits of the 80/90ies, Latino music, tango, gipsy, jazz and so on… Each of the therapists of the Clinik will do everything to revive the melodies buried in your subconsciousness, or inoculate new ones filles with aesthetical emotions!

Concert: Thursday December 13 at 8 PM

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