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The Balkan’s Urban Chapter (Friday) – Round table (Saturday)

The urban youth of the Balkans are challenging the intellectual, social, cultural and aesthetic status quo. The colourful revolution in Macedonia, the demands for democracy from students in the streets of Serbia, the reaction to the Greek crisis and the affirmation of a modern identity in Albania are all glaring examples of this. Yet it would be wrong to think that a common and homogenous basis underlies the Balkan identity. On the contrary, there are a multitude of co-existing identities, seeking release from the weight of tradition and social representations. In a unique creation, “Urban Chapter” presents urban, hip-hop and slam artists from the Balkans and Brussels with their very varied styles and experiences as they come together over several days to express what is distinctive about their country of origin. The main concert, the real culmination of this residency, will enable you to discover through this cultural kaleidoscope the unexpected resources of the young people of the Balkans who are the spokespersons of a rapidly changing generation. This coming together of different artistic scenes will be followed on the Saturday by a round table of musicians from Greece, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania, Bulgaria and Brussels.

Animation & Music corridor & Vino Zirkus of the festival

  1. Kukeri, (Bulgarian: кукери; singular: kuker, кукер) are elaborately costumed Bulgarian men who perform traditional rituals intended to scare away evil spirit UNESCO patrimony.
  2. Académie de Plovdiv; choir, dance, music. Folk/Traf, Bulgaria
  3. Albanian national troup of dance and folk music “Ensemble of Folks Songs & Dances”
  4. Albanian iso polyphonie and its meeting with Bulgarian Polyphonie
  5. Brussels Balkan Orchestra (Saturday only) with Plovdiv and alone
  6. Somos Ensemble (Friday and Saturday), with VILÁGFA company of dance (Saturday only)
  7. Vatra (Friday only)
  8. National Romanian tradition of glass painting in the evening & workshop (Saturday/children)
  9. Mariuca Verdes ; romanian song from Calinesti
  10. Bulgarian tradition of “Martenitza” & “atelier de fabrication de martenizi” workshop (Saturday/children)
  11. Slam X3 Friday and Saturday
  12. Ceylan Taci, belgo-turk, ethno jazz. Saturday only
  13. Svetlana Spajic will give workshop of serbian polyphonia & happening
  14. Voix de femmes (the route of female migrants)
  15. One man show from Diego Maras, Italian novelist, translator, and newspaper columnist, specialist about EU-WESTERN BALKANS CULTURAL HERITAGE ROUTE. The year 2018, as the European Year of Cultural Heritage, is an opportunity to celebrate the role of Europe’s cultural heritage in fostering a shared sense of history and identity. In addition, culture has a significant impact on economic growth, tourism, intercultural dialogue and creative industries which are all fields of action important for the European integration process of the Western Balkans.
  16. Bosnian diaspora from Liège (putted in the middle of the room)
  17. VLERA, Albanian Diaspora in Brussels: lectures of poetry
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