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Carte Blanche Sarajevo Film Festival


Balkan Trafik! Carte Blanche Sarajevo Film Festival.

19.04 20:00 Scarred Hearts (Inimi cicatrizate ) – Radu Jude (RO/DE, 2016, 141’, OV, st EN)

In 1937, Emanuel (a very game Lucian Teodor Rus) is diagnosed with bone tuberculosis (or Pott’s disease) and is confined to Carmen Sylva, a marine sanatorium near the Black Sea. After the head doctor gleefully removes a pus-filled abscess while puffing on a cigarette, Emanuel is soon encased in a heavy body cast, and must spend all of his hours confined to his bed. A highly intelligent young man in he early twenties with a penchant for quoting poetry and philosophy, Emanuel tries to live life to its fullest in this Magic Mountain-like setting – keeping up his good humor, arguing over politics with blithe anti-Semites and falling in love with Solange, a recovered former patient sporting a leg brace – but is it only a matter of time until he, like many other of his fellow patients, becomes resigned to his arbitrary fate?

21.04 Godless/Bezbog – Ralitza Petrova

In a remote Bulgarian town, Gana looks after the elderly with dementia and traffics their ID cards on the black market. Her mother, with whom she hardly speaks, is jobless, and her relationship with her boyfriend is not great either, to put it mildly. With their sexual attraction vanished, their intimacy is reduced to their addiction to morphine. Nothing seems to have consequences for Gana; not even the incidental murder of a patient, who threatens to expose her little traffic. But things start to change when she hears Yoan, a new patient, singing. A growing empathy for the old man awakens her conscience, but when he is arrested for fraud, she learns that “doing the right thing” demands a high price.

22.04 A Mere Breath (Doar o rãsuflare) – Monica Lazurean (RO, 2016, 67’, OV, st FR )

Dobrin Sicrea lives with his wife and their children in Copșa Mică, the most polluted town in Europe until 2009, when the Sometra factory he was working for closed down. Denisa, the youngest daughter, is semiparalized and her parents lead a devoutly religious life. Monica Lăzurean-Gorgan captures – through fixed shots and shot compositions reminiscent of Ulrich Seidl’s stylistics – 7 years from the life of this family, offering viewers the chance of observing over time a nuanced family relations dynamics. Some things change as the children grow up, while others seem to remain the same.

23.04 14:00 Albüm – Mehmet Can Mertoglu (TR/FR/RO, 2016, 105’, OV, st EN)

A childless couple sets out to prepare a fake photo album of a pseudo pregnancy period complete with photos taken on a beach, at work or while they are lounging at home. One day, it could persuade their adopted child that they are its loving biological parents. Of course, they also want to have an album that they can share with their friends and co-workers. Bahar and Cüneyt are a typical middle-class couple sharing the beliefs, dreams and preoccupations of their narrow-minded social group. A child would complete their image of a perfect couple.

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