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Music @ Balkan Trafik! 2013

the_title() 04/05/2013 - Balkan Trafik! 2013 - Music


In its seventh edition Balkan Trafik once more promises to a whirlwind of irresistible concerts, film screenings, and party moods from south-eastern Europe. The headliners are the indestructible Goran Bregović, the dazzling Taksim Trio, Aka Balkan Moon (Belgian avant-jazz meets the Balkans), the accordionist Martin Lubenov, and Fanfare Ciocărlia. But there is also Roma music from Amza and the New York Gypsy All Stars, militant rock from Jericho, and soul-wrenching melodies from Eda Zari and Damir Imamović, as well as workshops and debates. Enjoy the best of the Balkans for five days in a row!


Aka Balkan Moon (BG / BE)  

The avant-garde jazz band Aka Moon is always willing to explore new departures via foreign musical traditions. In Aka Balkan Moon the trio is joined by the pianist Fabian Fiorini, their old friend Tcha Limberger, and an array of Bulgarian musicians. The Bulgarians are steeped in the oral improvisational tradition of their own country. What the results will sound like, nobody knows – but they will certainly be characterised by a spirit of adventure!

Friday 19.04.2013 – 19:00 > 19:45 (Part 1) & 22:45 > 23:30 (Part 2) – Hall M


Amza Tairov & Seven Kadrievi (MK)   33791_152187228165158_1132298_n[1]

Amza Tairov is a phenomenon. With the pitch wheel of his Korg Triton synthesiser he modulates the complex microtones of Balkan music with flair as he takes it into the third millennium. Onstage he is joined by the Orkestar Braka Kadrievi Seven, the inventors of “romska orientalna musika”. Together, they will play up a storm until the wee small hours!

  Friday 19.04.2013 – 01:45 > 02:45 –  Horta Hall


Barka Brass Band (RS) (Guča Winner 2012)   282273_3890265051220_203089752_n

The Barka Brass Band comes from the small town of Knjaževac in eastern Serbia, near the Bulgarian border. With their black suits and hats, they look like they have escaped from the film The Blues Brothers. This dynamic brass ensemble’s finest achievement came last year with their victory at the Guča Trumpet Festival 2012, a kind of unofficial world championship for brass bands. Warning: this stuff is explosive!

Satursday 20.04.2013 – 01:30 > 02:30 –  Horta Hall


Damir Imamović Sevdah Takht (BA / RS /HR)  

With its songs about the pains of love and lovelorn yearning, sevdah has sometimes been called Bosnian fado. The contemporary interpretation of this age-old genre by Damir Imamović, whose short career has already included collaborations with big jazz names like Bojan Z and Eric Vloeimans, draws on his intensive studies of traditional music from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Imamović has emerged as one of the standard-bearers of the new sevdah.

Saturday 20.04.2013  – 18:30 > 19:15 –  Hall M


 Eda Zari (AL) ez balkan

The beautiful Albanian singer Eda Zari was born in Tirana and studied to be an opera singer in Cologne. As a child she was introduced to the traditional songs and dances of southern Albania by her uncles. Her elegant songs, which she writes herself, offer a contemporary interpretation of the polyphonic music of her homeland, wonderfully combining the sweet sounds of her Tosk dialect with the harmonies and complex rhythms of jazz.

Saturday 20.04.2013  –  20:00 > 20:45 ( Part 1) & 22:30 > 23:15 ( Part 2) – Hall M



Ensemble Al Kindi Parfums Ottomans (TR / SY)

Julien Jalal Eddine Weiss direction | leiding | conductor, qanun – Omar Sarmini, Dogan Dikmen & Bekir Buyukbas chant | zang | vocals – Ozata Ayan tanbûr – Ozer Ozel & Nevcivan Sevindik – tar – Refik Kayah kemençe – Ahmet Kayah ney – Rila Koksal bendir – Gurkan Ozkan tombak – Ensemble Al-Kindî

The Parfums Ottomans project brings together the best musicians of Aleppo (Syria) and Istanbul (Turkey). They meet up on the terrain of Arab-Turkish court music from the days of the Ottoman Empire, a predominantly Turkish repertoire with Persian, Byzantine, and Indian touches. The cultural cross-fertilisation of those days is still a model for many. Come and savour the aroma!

 Thursday 18.04.2013 – 20:00 – Hall M


Fanfare Ciocărlia (RO)  

Accept no imitations: this is the real deal. This brass band from the unremarkable Romanian village of Zece Prajini is one of the best live bands in the world. The pounding brass of their wild Balkan funk – performed with technical mastery at a breakneck pace – has had a huge influence. Wherever they go worldwide, playing at concert venues, discos, and festivals and for soundtracks (Borat), they generate a major adrenaline rush. Nobody plays better, harder, faster, or funkier than Fanfare Ciocărlia!

 Friday 19.04.2013 –  23:45 > 00:45 – Horta Hall


Goran Bregović (BA)  

Goran Bregović surely needs no introduction. His soundtracks for the films of Emir Kusturica (Time of the Gypsies, Arizona Dream, Underground) and his thrilling concerts have been many people’s first introduction to Balkan music. His third appearance at Balkan Trafik comes in the wake of the release of his recent album Champagne for Gypsies, an ode to the musical genius of the Roma all over the world. Live, Goran and his Wedding and Funeral Band guarantee a truly festive occasion!

Saturday 20.04.2013  –  22:30 > 23:30 –  Henry Le Bœuf Hall


Gulabi Kubat & Corba Band (BE / TR)


Corba Band by the Belgian Turk Gulabi Kubat truly embodies the multicultural spirit in Brussels with its Albanian singer and Bulgarian and Macedonian musicians   Satursday 20.04.2013 – 01:00 > 02:00 – Vino Zirkus  


Guta Family (RO)

SYLVIAN   Led by the patriarchal figure of Sylvain, this Romanian musical dynasty presents the best of the Roma and Romanian traditions, with some jazz and classical touches.     Friday 19.04.2013 – 18:15 > 19:00 & 02:00 > 02:45 – Balkan Notes Saturday 20.04.2013 – 18:00 > 18:45 & 00:45 > 01:15 – Balkan Notes Friday 19.04.2013 – 22:15>22:45, 22:30>23:00, 00:00>00:30, 01:00>01:30 & 02:00>02:30 – Balkan Bazaar Saturday 20.04.2013 – 21:45>22:30, 22:30>23:00, 00:00>00:30, 01:00>01:45 & 02:00>02:45- Balkan Bazaar


Imam Baildi (GR)

Imam Baildi press2

The brothers Falireas, percussionist /drummer Lysandros and DJ/arranger Orestis, mix the unique sound of rembetiko (the Greek blues of the first half of the twentieth century) with the remixes they got to know as students in various European countries. Bouzouki meets electro swing; Greek traditional meets hip hop and mambo. Add a rapper, a female singer, and some Balkan flair and you get the stirring global pop of Imam Baildi!

Saturday 20.04.2013  –   21:00 > 22:00 –  Horta Hall


Jericho (XK)   02

With their classic line-up of singer, rhythm and solo guitar, bass, and drums, they look like your standard rock group, but there is more to these Kosovan rockers than that. They are not afraid to use traditional instruments too – or to sing in their local Gheg dialect, not exactly a major international language. But their powerful cocktail of rock, grunge, electronica, and folk has won them a growing army of fans in the former Yugoslavia and further afield.

Saturday 20.04.2013  –   23:30 > 00:15 –  Horta Hall


  Kalotaszeg Trio ft. Tcha Limberger (HU / BE) TLKT     With this trio, Balkan Trafik regular Tcha Limberger explores the traditional music of Kalotaszeg, the region where the Hungarian minority in Romania lives.     Saturday 20.04.2013 – 21:00 > 21:45, 23:45 > 00:30 – Balkan Notes


Klezmic Zirkus (BE)  

Klezmic Zirkus from Liège was founded in 2006 in the wake of the US revival of klezmer, the Jewish wedding music of eastern Europe. Spurred by the clarinettist Aurélie Charneux, they mix traditional klezmer with their own compositions, which are influenced by jazz and rock. The success they rapidly achieved led to a tour last year with the klezmer virtuoso David Krakauer (of the Klezmatics and Klezmer Madness!). A must for anyone who loves lively party music.

Friday 19.04.2013 – 19:45 > 20:30 –  Horta Hall


Mafiasko Taxi (BE/BA )


The members of Mafiasko Taxi come from every point of the canvas. Each brings his or her distinctive musical baggage: a Bosnian singer, for example, a Serbian-Belgian-French wind trio, and a German-Belgian rhythm section (also known for its work with the Orchestre International du Vetex, among others). It all adds up to a combo with no time for boundaries, musical or otherwise, that happily draws on a variety of styles, including sevdah, flamenco, tarantella, rumba, cumbia, and fado.

Satursday 20.04.2013 – 19:15 > 20:00 –  Horta Hall


Martin Lubenov (BG) & Nicolas Simion (RO)   Nicolas Simion277

  This project brings together two of the most exciting figures of today’s Balkan

 The Bulgarian-Austrian accordionist Martin Lubenov mixes Roma music with swing, tango, salsa, and musette. The Romanian-German saxophonist Nicolas Simion combines Transylvanian folk tunes with undiluted bebop. Together, these two virtuosos offer rich harmonies, complex rhythms, and dizzying improvisation in an elegant mix of the best of south-eastern Europe and swinging jazz. Before the concert we will be screening Jazzta Prasta, a documentary about Lubenov (Studio, 9.30 pm).  jazz scene.

Friday 19.04.2013 – 19:30 > 20:05, 22:15 > 22:50 & 00:30 > 01:05 – Balkan Notes


New York Gypsy All Stars (USA)  

The kind of music the New York Gypsy All Stars play is known as nuyorbalkan. Led by clarinet wizard Ismail Lumanovski, the band is made up of musicians of varying backgrounds who studied at prestigious conservatories but played in local clubs and at weddings in their free time. All of which has resulted in an effervescent cocktail of Macedonian, Greek, and Turkish ingredients, seasoned with healthy doses of jazz and funk.

  Friday 19.04.2013 – 22:00 > 22:45 –  Horta Hall


Taksim Trio  (TR)

This group is made up of a trio of solists with a Roma background, each a true virtuoso in his own right. Hüsnü Şenlendirici on clarinet, İsmail Tunçbilek on bağlama (a small lute), and Aytaç Doğan on kanun (a sort of dulcimer) play traditional music in Turkish style, but with a jazz sensibility and a sumptuous classical sound. Taksim means improvisation in Turkish; live, as they play the timeless urban music of Istanbul, this trio is truly stunning! The concert is preceded by a screening of the documentary Romanistanbul (Studio, 6 pm).

Friday 19.04.2013 – 21:00 > 22:00 –  Henry Le Bœuf Hall


Thoma Loli & Aleks Micka (AL)  

gr Thoma Loli 4

The clarinettist Thoma Loli is from the Labëria region of southern Albania, which borders on Greece and whose music is closely related to Greek music. He specialises in a repertoire of polyphonic songs traditionally sung to liven up weddings and other festive occasions. Loli and the singer Aleks Micka are sure to create the right atmosphere, whether you are in the mood for marrying or not!

  Friday 19.04.2013 – 18:15 > 19:00, 22:15 > 22:45 & 02:45 > 03:00 – Vino Zirkus

Saturday 20.04.2013 – 21:00 > 21:45 & 23:30 > 00:15 – Vino Zirkus


Vinylio (GR / BE)


With a classic line-up of bouzouki, guitar, and bağlama, this ensemble takes you to the heart of rembetiko. With Fanouris Trikilis & His Rembetiko Dancers.


Friday 19.04.2013 – 21:00 > 21:45, 23:30 > 00:15 > 01:15 > 02:00 – Rembetiko Kafe

Saturday 20.04.2013 – 19:15 > 20:00, 21:45 > 22:30, 01:45 > 02:30 – Rembetiko Kafe      

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