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Michel Hatzi & Rembetiko Project

the_title() 03/01/2012 - Balkan Trafik! 2012 - Line Up

Especially for the Festival Balkan Trafik, we’re pleased to present you the new creation around Michel Hatzi. He’s going to be accompagnied by Manolis Pappos, Anatoli Mariola and Nikos Giras.

Michel Hatzi

He was born in Charleroi in 1961. He began his music career with his fathers who taught him to play mandolin. Then, he started to learn bouzouki, a Greek instrument which belongs to the lute family. And then, he changed this instrument to play guitar and bass guitar.

We can see him playing with several artists coming from different horizons as SAMAYANA, RENAUD, Steve HOUBEN, Erwin VANN, Jozef DUMOULIN, Joe LOVANO, Mike STERN Jaco PASTORIUS, Toots THIELEMANS and since 20 years he’s played with AKA MOON.

Lately, he started to replay the bouzouki, to return to the music of his childhood, the REBETIKO. This Greek music can also be assimilated with Blues.

Manolis Pappos

Manolis Pappos was born in Athenes in 1962. With his 800 compositions of music, he’s considered one of the most important bouzouki player and song writer of the last 50 years.

He’s well-known to play with Greek artists but also international artists as Mikis THEODORAKIS, XARTHAKOS, ARVANITAKI, GALANI, Gorgos DALARAS, Sofia PAPAZOGLOU, Loreena MC KENNITT, Vinicio CAPOSSELA, Ross DALLY, and more…

2 of his songs was been used in 2005 by John Williams for Steven SPIELBERG’s movie “Munich”. Since 2006, every Saturday, he’s been working in a Tv show of a Greek channel, called “KYRIAKO TRAPEZI”.

He’s the perfect example of virtuous who can play several Mediterranean stringed instruments but also the ones of Africa and Asia.

Anatoli MARGIOLA – Singer Nikos GIRAS – Guitarist  
Friday 13th of April 2012: 21.00 & 23.45 Rembetiko Kafe Saturday 14th of April 2012: 21.00 & 23.45 & 01.30 Rembetiko Kafe



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