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Kosia Brada Orkestar

the_title() 11/23/2012 - Artists
Despite the opening of borders across European countries since the end of the 1990’s, several music genres still fail to cross these borders. Five musicians decided to join forces to bridge this gap. They swore to let their beards grow as long as they didn’t obtain a visa for every note of their melodies.

Inspired by Bulgarian, Romanian and Serbian music, Kosia Brada Orkestar interprets Balkan music with an original and mixed point of view. Their repertoire of folk music and remarkable compositions will definitely seduce you by its refined, yet sparkling orchestration.

  Musicians: Thibault Bailly: Accordion Olivier Catteau: Clarinet Florian Huygebaert: Tapan / Darbuka Antoine Maréchal: Tuba tenor / Helicon Gaspard Vanardois: Banjo Concert : Saturday December 1st at 5 PM and Sunday December 2nd at 3.30 PM




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