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Ivo Papasov Balkan Klarinet Project

the_title() 03/31/2012 - Balkan Trafik! 2012 - Line Up

Legendary virtuoso clarinetist! As a creator of contemporary Balkan music, he long ago became part of global culture.

Thirty-eight years ago, in 1974, long before Balkan music was discovered on the major music scene, Papazov started his revolution with his Trakija Band.

At the time he could hardly have known that he was creating a new movement, later known as wedding band music, a mix of Bulgarian and Balkan folk with contemporary elements.

His work changed the face of Bulgarian and world music and developed it in new directions. His fans around the world call him the King of Wedding Band Music. In deference to his amazing talent, Bulgarians call him the Aga (the Master). And Papazov really is part of the best moments of their lives. Ivo Papazov is now 60 with a brilliant musical career behind his back. He appears on innumerable productions and albums. Two of his albums were produced by Joe Boyd (who produced Pink Floyd, REM and others). Global media of the calibre of The Guardian, The Washington Post and The New York Times write about him in superlative terms.

Flattery for Ivo Papazov has come from world-famous musicians like David Sanborn and Frank Zappa and famous and respected experts and connoisseurs like Simon Broughton and Timothy Rice.

Saturday 14 April 2012: 21.30 Stage Henry Le Bœuf


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