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Giant horo


SUNDAY 22.04 - 01pm > 6pm @Grand Place

Come and take part in the 6th edition of the Giant Horo, taking place at the Grand Place from 1pm. Horo is a traditional dance accompanied by music that is common across Balkan and Middle Eastern countries. The spontaneity of its movements is designed to celebrate the joy of being together, united through dance. Troupes from different Balkan countries and southeastern European diaspora communities will come together for a huge party to celebrate the Brussels’ diversity. Join in, it’s free!

With the participation of artists from the Plovdiv Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts (Bulgaria), the Kukeri of Rakovsky (Bulgaria), the Veliko Tarnovo dance troupe (Bulgaria), the Vatra dance troupe (Albanian diaspora in Brussels), Somos (csángó minority of Hungary), the VILÁGFA dance troupe (Hungarian diaspora of Brussels), and the KUD Behar dance troupe (Bosnian diaspora of Liège).

The event is sponsored by Alderwoman for the City of Brussels, Karine Lalieux, and Eva Maydell, Member of the European Parliament.

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