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Emzjés & ‘t Koadazer

the_title() 17/11/2012 - Artistes

Bientôt en français…

Music, beer and an eye for female beauty are all features this band has picked up in the fanfare band of little town ‘Blauberg’ between the meadows of Antwerp “Zuiderkempen”.

At first, there were four men who wanted to put these qualities on display in the band “Emzjés”. To guarantee full satisfaction however, they consulted “ ‘t Koadazer”: a six-piece brass section with a wall of percussion and one particularly beautiful lady.

Although their instruments were made of scrap-metal (koadazer is the Flemish dialect word for this scrap), they discovered how to put the audience’s legs to move and swing.

The specific ingredients for their discovery were uplifting Balkan tunes, popular hits, fat beats in a special brass-mix and Flemish drinking songs. Nothing a DJ could compete with when they blew this through their speakers. Now they feel at home in every situation to bring their huge variety of music styles.

On the stage, next to it or beneath your balcony; they will always steal your heart and take you on a trip to their roots. In this way they make you experience how dissolute folk life of their little town should and will be lived. With their chats full of nonsense, crazy screams and loud horns they will invite you to join them in their weird but charming atmosphere. Don’t hesitate, just have fun!

Concert : dimanche 16 décembre à 17h30

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