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Folkdance Xheladin Zequiri From Tetovo

the_title() 04/02/2012 - Balkan Trafik! 2012 - Line Up

Cultural and artistic society “Xheladin Zeqiri” – Tetovo, established at 13.03.1949, is one of the oldest societies of its kind in the Republic of Macedonia.

Over this long period of time, there have been numerous activities within and outside the country. Within the society there are many sections, such as song and dance, drama, visual arts, literary, etc. Currently, only the group of songs and dances are active. In the repertoire there are 12 dances (complex) and many songs. Among the most popular dances are: “Dance of Tirana”; “Eagles on holiday”; “Sharri renegades have only freedom in their eyes”; “Dance of pear”; “Dance of Debar”; “Our beautiful Tetovo” The group consists of dance pioneers, youth group and adult group. In the meanwhile we are preparing the “Dance of Tropoja”. The orchestra consists of 22 instrumentalists and six soloists (singers).

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