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Bulgarian artist Nedko Solakov created a video installation, commissioned by BOZAR, for Bulgaria’s presidency of the Council of the European Union in the first half of 2018.Some Bulgarians consists of six videos, which will be simultaneously and continuously on view in BOZAR’s Horta Hall.



The Street Art Belgrade exhibition is a historic overview of street art in the Serbian capital. From aphorisms and stencils to complex graphic solutions, letters and frescoes, discover the increasingly vibrant graffiti and street art scene of Belgrade. Aleksandar Đorđević, a Serbian photographer, graphic designer and translator is the man behind the exhibition. Having spent much of his life in Germany, his work began in Berlin before focusing on Belgrade after he returned home. Convinced that street art is an urban art form in its own right – which therefore needs to be preserved, documented and shared – he has taken more than 8,000 photos - a veritable goldmine! The exhibition brings together a fascinating selection, which speaks not only of the inventiveness of the Belgrade street scene, but also of the life of its inhabitants as reflected, embodied and expressed in these works.

Balkan Photo Festival - Miljan-Šućur-Grad-Ljubav-945x643


The exhibition presents a selection of images taken from the Balkan Photo Festival between the years 2010 and 2017. Held every year in Sarajevo, this festival presents 90 photographs covering subjects as diverse as the cultural heritage, the environment, fashion, sport, and many other facets of everyday life. The images are selected by an international jury. Created by Urban Association, the Balkan Photo Festival benefits from the support of the European Commission through the Creative Europe Programme.

The exhibition will be inaugurated by Haris Čalkić, vice president of URBAN Association and director of the Balkan Photo Festival, and Annemarie Huber, Strategic Communications Adviser of Commissioner Johannes Hahn.

(with the support of the European External Action Service (EEAS) and the European Commission)

Strati Lautari photo K Reimer


Gypsy, in 1989, the village of Taraf de Haidouks and Mahala Rai Banda. A meeting with the photographer Klaus Reimer who, with Stef Karo, met them before they became these mythical artists.

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The travelling exhibition “Follow the Footsteps” aims to present 34 of the most popular Bulgarian folklore dances by their footsteps, depicted on posters. Every dance, performed in circle and visually represented through its steps, has an authentic and unique pattern. The time signature is depicted on the posters by different number of lines in the background using the distinctive colours of Bulgarian folklore costumes.



Relive twelve years of Balkan Trafik at Milena Strange’s photographic exhibition! The photographer has captured the atmosphere and emotion of these unique moments.

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Bozko, real name Bozhidar Simeonov, is a Bulgarian artist who lives and works in Sofia. Besides street art, he works in illustration, comic books, animation and set design. His characters are easily recognizable and strangely appealing in a morbidly adorable way.

Creation of a fresco (10 > 20.04.2018)

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