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Ensemble Dropulli From Gjirokaster

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The folk dance group “Dropoli” was founded in 1981 with a view to mark out the culture and tradition of the area with the same name not only inside the boundaries of Albania, but also to other countries.

When it was first created, the group consisted of 100 members who represented both sexes and three generations as well. It owned premises where the members learned traditional songs and dances of the area of Ipiros. Besides, the“polyphonic of Ipiros” was a significant chapter of the history of Ipiros.

“Dropoli” had its own laboratory for the wearing of the members’ costumes. There were six different traditional costumes for men, women and children as well. After 1990 and the political changes in the country, the group was encountered with a downfall – similar to the one that every other social and cultural structure of Albania had to face. As for the Greek Minority, this downfall was the repercussion of the massive flight of the population to Greece.

After a relatively long period, it was time for the group to be recreated and its refunctioning was a matter of fact given the strong desire and persistence of the founder member, Antony Touni. The group is now functioning on a new base and with a new perspective. It consist of approximately 150 children and young people between the ages of 6 and 30 years old, who attend systematically courses of traditional dances not only of Ipiros but also of other Greek areas such as Thraki, Macedonia and Greek islands. The uniqueness of the group is mainly attributed to the splendid costumes of women and those of men as well.


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