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DJ Click

the_title() 11/09/2012 - Artists

Polymorphic artist DJ Click has long been an accomplice of the most ebullient projects: with the extravert Rona Hartner for tsigane traditions as well as the gnawas of Essaouira, pending his Zuco 103, Dj Dolores brasileiro or African mixes with Issa Bagayogo. He organised collaboration on stage or in studio with Dulsori (Vinari show), Dj Panko (Ojos de Brujo), Transglobal Underground, Marcelinho da Lua, Dhoad, Smadj, Hamadcha of Fés..

DJ Click delivers electro, drum’n bass on another mode, and in another time zone..Those of the future! A universal, communicative and festive language, with tonic accents and over-energized tempos, making bodies talk.

He produced a dozen cd’s in his studio, numerous remixes like those of Manu Chao, Warsaw Village Band, Mahala Raï Banda, Burhan Öçal, Boogie Balagan or Rachid Taha, and his no visa music was released on prestigious compilations. DJ Click is an adventuresome alchemist who infuses rural with urban and extracts living music from electronic mechanics.

His worldtronica touch has paved the way for a truly international league of cultural diversification. On stage, he invents a new kind of digital folk, inviting the musicians he has met to play on his machines. Booked on main festivals, clubs and international fairs (Womex 2006, Babel Med 2009, AWME 2011, ApaMM 2012, Medimex 2012), from South Korea to Brazil, from Balkan to Australia, from North Africa to Japan..he spreads his style all over the world zone.


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