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Conference & Debates

Balkan Trafik brings people and cultures closer together. And not just in the passive experiences of looking and listening: our interactive activities allow you to get involved too. For the first time, we are holding two debates, in which experts will engage in discussion with each other and the public.

Debates: The Brussels-Balkan Connection

(with Bleri Lleshi) The philosophy of Balkan Trafik is to bring people, cultures and experiences together. Brussels-based political philosopher Bleri Lleshi organizes two interesting debates with international speakers on culture, music but also social and political issues in the Balkan region.

Friday 19.04 – 19:30 > 21:00 The Future of the Balkans (Studio)

With: Dejan Anastasijević (Serbian journalist), Vjosa Musliu (Kosovarian researcher), Dejan Vujinovic (Serbian programmer music festivals)

Saturday 20.04 – 19:30 > 21:00 Zinneke city (Studio)

With: Myriam Stoffen (director Zinneke Parade), Donika Rudi (Kosovar artist based in Brussels), Hana Miletić (Kroatian researcher, artist based in Brussels, Sint-Lukas)  

Rondetafel ‘Feria de Fronteras’

Saturday 20.04 – 14:00 > 18:00 (Studio)

Cultural cooperation with the Balkans: cornerstone of a new European project? This discussion brings to a close the EU Culture project “Feria de Fronteras“, which between 2011 and 2013 brought together young artists from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium, and France. Artists, politicians, professionals from the cultural sector, and anyone who is interested will discuss the possibilities and difficulties of cultural cooperation with the Balkans. Bleri Lleshi leads the discussion.The concert of Mafiasko Taxi (19:15 – Horta Hall) is also part of this project. First part – 14:00 > 15:30 Artists, festival organizers and NGO members from the Balkans  share their vision and experiences on the theme “The position of artists in the Balkan region”. Participants –       Dejan Vujinovic (Chief Executive of Etnofest Subotica, Serbia) –       Jelena Milusic (Lead singer of Mafiasko Taxi, Bosnia and Herzegovina/ Germany) –       Orhan Maslo (Coordinator of the Pavarotti Music Centar, Bosnia and Herzegovina) –       Adela Jusic (NGO “Crvena”, Sarajevo, Bosna and Herzegovina) Second part – 16:00 > 17:30 The second part of the discussion will focus on the cultural future of the Balkans and its link with Europe. Participants –       Gudrun Heymans (Point Contact Culture Brussels, Belgium) –       Donato Giuliani (Director of the Departement of International Cultural Relations, Conseil Régional Nord Pas de Calais, France) –       Lola Joksimovic (Cultural Point Contact Serbia) –       Iris Jakupic (Croatian Regional Office- Brussels)

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