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Bulgarian Folkdance from Shiroka Lukka

the_title() 11/21/2012 - Artists

The Opening Ceremony of “Winter Wonders” will be leaving from Grand Place accompanied by the young traditional dancers and musicians from Bulgaria: Folk Students Group of Shiroka Lukka!

For this particular event, we would like to thank the Bulgarian Embassy in Belgium.

21 artists will make performances from all Bulgarian folklore regions to show the beauty and diversity of the Bulgarian folklore. Such as the authentic songs from Shoplouk and Pirin regions; instrumental performances on Djura and Kaba bagpipes from Kopanitsa, Rutchenica, Buenek, Shopski and Thracian solo and ensemble dances; a vocal and instrumental piece Koledartsi that represents a bunch of Bulgarian Christmas songs.

The traditional dances and polyphonic singing found in the Shoplouk region of Bulgaria are still performed by a group of elderly women, the Bistritsa Babi (included in the UNESCO list of World Intangible Cultural Heritage). This tradition includes diaphony, or what is known as shoppe polyphony, ancient forms of the horo chain dance and the ritual practice of lazarouvane, an initiation ceremony for young women. Diaphony is a specific type of polyphonic singing in which one or two voices build the melody consisting of izvikva meaning “to shout out” and bouchi krivo meaning “crooked rumbled roars”, while other singers hold a monotone drone that is doubled or trebled to produce a more sonorous sound that accompanies the lead singers.The dancers, dressed in traditional costumes, hold each other by the waist or belt and dance in a circle, stepping lightly and moving counter-clockwise. A number of variations are performed within this structure, depending on the song and ancient ritual purposes. Since 40 years National School for Folklore Arts “Shiroka Lukka” has the mission to preserve and train the young Bulgarian generations in the traditional singing, traditional instruments and dances.

The curricula of the School is in vocal singing, traditional musical instruments – bagpipe, fiddle, pipe, mandolin, dancer of traditional Bulgarian dances.

The School works with prominent Bulgarian composers, singers and instrumental players. The students have participated in many international festivals in Italy, Libya, Switzerland, Greece, Belgium, France, Germany, Morocco and Poland. Video
Opening Parade  – Friday 30th November 6.30 PM – Grand Place Performance – Saturday 1th December – 2.30 PM – Balkan Trafik tent @ Place Sainte-Catherine With the support of: Ambassade de la République de Bulgarie au Royaume de Belgique Ambassade van de Republiek van Bulgarije in het Koninkrijk van België Посолство на Република България в Кралство Белгия

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