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Brussels Underground

the_title() 11/09/2012 - Artists

Brussels Underground, specially put together for Balkan Trafik Festival in 2012 under the leadership of Nicolas Hauzeur (Kopanica and Brussels band Zongora), brings together an array of street and wedding musicians.

For Brussels Underground he has worked with socio-cultural organisations that have close links with the Roma community.

Nicolas Hauzeur has brought together Roma musicians who work outside the traditional music circuit, on the streets or at wedding festivities. The difficult economic circumstances in their own countries led many street musicians to emigrate. Some were well-known soloists in their own countries, with extensive careers behind them. Without any management, and sometimes without a clear status, they play on the streets, in the metro, and for associations they are members of. The ‘wedding musicians’ confirm Europe’s current migration movements: they are new nomads who move around at the demand of emigrated communities.

Concert : Sunday December 2nd at 8 PM


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